Student Government Poster Printing

Research Poster Printing Request Form 

Note: Only one poster will be printed per request. Additionally, we are not able to accommodate requests for poster printing for faculty and staff.
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Poster Specifications
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Terms and Conditions:
  • Posters must be submitted in PDF format.
  • Posters will be printed for research and conference purposes only.
  • Student Government will not edit your poster. The file that is submitted is the file that is printed.
  • Only two (2) posters will be printed per student each semester.
  • Student Government does NOT print for class projects. 
  • Student Government does NOT take walk-ins. All posters must be submitted via this form.

Poster Printing FAQs

Q. When are your business days?

A. Our business days are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Q. When is the latest I can submit this form, in order to receive the poster at Student Government Office and by my deadline?

A. Each form must be submitted five (5) business days before your deadline. However, it is highly recommended that you submit it two (2) to three (3) weeks before your poster deadline. For example, if you need your poster printed by Friday, the latest you can submit the request form is the previous Friday by 5 p.m. If submitted after 5 p.m., the request will not be guanteed to be completed until the following Tuesday (6 business days following.)

Q. Do you print your posters in color and will this bring about additional costs?

A. Yes, Student Government prints each poster in color. No, there is not any additional cost to the student.

Q. What counts as a presentation verification form?

A. The following are considered as presentation verification form:

  • An Agenda from the event

  • Conference confirmation email

  • Email from your advisor

  • A form related to the event that notes that you are one of their presenters

Q. What if I cannot submit my poster on Owl Central?

A. If any problem occurs while you are trying to submit your poster on Owl Central then submit the form with as much information as it will allow. Then send an email to informing us of your problem and include your poster if necessary so that we can process the poster as soon as possible.

Please upload a copy of the file that will be used to generate your poster.
Verification of Presentation
The following are considered as verificaton of presentation:
  • An agenda from the event
  • Conference confirmation email
  • Email from your advisor
  • A document related to the event that illustrates you as one of the presenters